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Urbanista Miami Over Ear Headset Fluffy Cloud

GBP 7.45

Product Detail

Urbanista – Designed for Life in Motion With a passion for colour, form and mobility, our products are influenced by Scandinavian design where our roots lie. In recent years, big cities have solidified their importance on a global scale and people have become increasingly mobile. As a result, the urban way of life has become synonymous with people all over the world, bringing them closer, regardless of which city they call home. This is who we cater to. The active, conscious and curious, the Urbanistas. Urbanista Miami Over-Ear Headphones Urbanista’s Miami Over-Ear Hearphones are a classic headphone design that is available in a variety of colours. The large acoustic housing holds a powerful and well-balanced speaker system that delivers thick bass topped with clear sound across the range. This provides a rich sound experience whilst also blocking out distracting external noise. The sturdy, foldable frame’s flexibility, combined with the soft headband and ear pads, allow the headphones to rest comfortably on your ears. Inspired by the vibrant city of Miami, these headphones enable you to listen to your favourite music in style. They feature a built-in mic and are compatible with all iOS, Android and Windows devices – perfect for any Urbanista. Product Description Ideal combination of comfort and reliability Includes 2 x adhesive magnets for all non-magnetic cases Built-in mic is compatible with all iOS, Android and Windows devices Soft hearband and ear pads 3.5mm Jack

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