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Sweet Ponies Unicorn LED Night Light - Color Changing Bedroom Lamp in Gift Package - Rechargeable - Brand New

GBP 8.39 GBP 18.99

Product Detail

Unicorns are the most beloved and sweet creatures from fairy-tale fantasy land that have recently have gained popularity. Thanks to the LED Sweet Ponies nightlight, a rainbow unicorn may now find a home in your house. Integrated LED lights emit a delicate light that smoothly changes between colours of the rainbow, and as a result, is perfect for falling asleep. The light will turn off automatically after 15 minutes for longer battery life. The timer in the lamp turns off after connecting it to the power supply. Thanks to this, the lamp can stay on all night. In addition, the cable entry is positioned in such a way that the unicorn can stand during loading. Rechargeable battery, gift packaging and Unicorn hanging tag. Contains a rechargeable (600 mAh) Li-ion battery, charged through the USB port so you do not have to replace any batteries! The box also contains beautiful gift packaging with a Unicorn hanging tag. Safety is our priority! That is why the lamp is made from top-quality, safe materials such as BPA-free and Phthalate-free PVC. It does not heat up and it is breakage resistant! Perfect decorationThis is not only a childrens night light but also a perfect lamp for any bedroom and excellent home decoration for both day and night. It can be also used as a nursery lamp to light up the baby's room while breastfeeding.

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