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Lenovo LivePods LP1 Flagship Premium Edition True Wireless Earbuds

GBP 16.14 GBP 49.99
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Comes with dual diaphragmsand fine paint process
Equipped with dual headphone diaphragmand 10mmloundspeaker unit improving the effect
Comes with a long battery life without trouble about frequent charging
BT5.0 technology, low latency and low power consumption
Dual hosts, no distinction between primary and secondary
Smart touch control, compact and light weightboth well fit ear canal without burden
IPX4 Waterproof, well withstanding sweat,rainand dust

Q: Why just only one working?
A: Put the earbuds back to charging case,then take out to check if it is stereo mode,if not please reset the earbuds to settle this problem.

Q: The mobile shows can not connected with the earbuds, how to settle?
A: Deleting the pairing name on your mobile and research the pairing name again to connect.

Q: Why there is no voice with the music and phone call?
A: For android mobile, there is an icon on the right of the pairing name, click it and cancel two audio item then select again. For IOS mobile,find the setting general function,click it and you can see audio calling mode,select automatic. If it is automatic itself, change into another option first, then select the automatic again. If still have not voice, delete the pairing name research again to pairing.

Q: Why is the video/games delayed?
A: Influenced by the environment,network,mobile edit code speed,will lead to audio data any transfer delays from mobile to earbuds.

Q: Why is the earbuds stop/interrupted?
A: Dear, if you are in a place with many Wi-Fi connects/4G signal/high power appliance interference,may occur stop or interrupt situation, please change a place and reconnect again to solve this problem.

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