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Desk Lamp LED Table Lamp with Inductive Wireless Charger Table Lamp Dimmable Eye-friendly Bedside Lamp USB Port for Charging Smartphone Reading Light - Brand New

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Product Detail

The silver desk lamp with wireless charging function and USB charging has always been very popular. We define it as the latest style. It is a function that is very suitable for office workers and students. It is affordable, practical and beautiful. Specifications: Input voltage (V): 5V. Whole lamp power: 5 W. Appearance colour: silver white. Lighting: 600 Lux. Colour rendering index: CRI> 80%. Colour temperature: 3000 K ~ 6000 K. Luminous flux: 420 lm. Lamp beads: 30 pieces SMD2835. Battery capacity: plug-in model without battery. Material: aluminium alloy + ABS plastic Green light indicates that the light turns off automatically in 45 minutes For people who read books, the adjustable light can protect the eyes and keep vision in best condition. For people who work, a desk lamp LED dimmable can relieve fatigue and improve work efficiency. Good for home, office, dorm, school, hotel, dorm; children, students; for computer or desk, bedside table, work work, side table For homework, study, reading books, indirect light; perfect for secretary, typist, editor, accountant and more. Desk guide is an essential tool for daily learning and life If you have any questions, please contact us

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