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Top Useful Mobile Apps In the UK

Top Useful Mobile Apps In the UK

Whether you are planning a trip to a beautiful place or want a food delivery at home. Do you want to book a hotel or enjoy other services? Mobile phone apps are the way to go. Moreover, these apps make it easy for everyone by solving complex calculations and by providing directions. For your assistance, we have compiled the list of apps to make sure that you get the best use of them.

Hopper - Book Travel on Mobile

If you are thinking about the fairness of the flights now or want to know about the price going down, the flight app Hopper will be helpful. You have to put the desired trip into the app and receive a notification on the best time to buy cheap tickets for a trip. A lot of users benefit from this app, as the app show pricing difference by using clear colour codes. The green light in the app shows the cheapest days, orange represents the pricier day and red is the most expensive. - Deals & Discounts for Hotel Reservations is an easy and useful app that allows you to search and book hotels in almost all the places in the world. This app provides paying rewards programs for any OTA as it offers a night stay in the hotel for continues 10 nights booked. Moreover, you will be charged a fee if you want to redeem your free night. The fee isn’t high, abandon the fee when you book your reward night using the app.

Google Maps - For Navigation

The Google Map app is very helpful as it provides you with directions, street views or maps. When you travel, searching for a place this app provides you tremendous experience. You will never feel lost in a new destination while walking, driving, and using public transportation. The application offers extra features including offline mapping in case you lost your internet connection. Furthermore, street, live view, and indoor maps of malls and airports are also available in the app.


Azimo - Online Global Money Transfer

While living in the UK means that you have to support your loved ones back home. There are plenty of options available which makes it difficult to choose the right one. Azimo allows you to send money to over 80 countries and 60+ currencies overseas in a faster and cheaper way. However, you can also enjoy two fee-free transfers when you download the app on IOS or Android devices. Other features like cash gifts, and emergency payments are also available whenever you need them.


SpareRoom - Find a flatshare or flatmate fast!

In the UK, finding a place to reside can take some time. If you manipulate academic commitments or work, download SpareRoom to make room for you. SpareRoom is the finest app to find affordable housing. Get the search results using the budget, and location filters to find the best living place. With the help of SpareRoom,  You can message the advert poster directly and arrange a meeting after finding something suitable. You can even participate in or host "Speed Flatmating" events to meet many potential roommates at once.


Deliveroo - Takeaway Food Delivery

If you are craving some spicy food but don’t have the time to cook, Deliveroo is the app for you. Deliveroo offers a lot more than just traditional fast food. This largest food delivery app delivers top dishes to your doorstep. To get better services, switch to the app “Deliveroo Plus” accounts and get free delivery on your orders. You can get free delivery on orders over £25 for £3.49 per month or free delivery on orders over £10 for £11.49 per month. By enhancing your account, you can even save £5 per order and get fantastic offers from your desired restaurant. 


Starling Bank - Award-Winning Bank Accounts

As more people move to the UK, their topmost priority is to sort their bank accounts. Opening a bank account is quite important while settling into a new home, purchasing utilities, and paying other expenses as well. Starling Bank app offers a wide range of financial services, including budgeting tools and debit tools. You can spread any bills using the app with your new UK friends, and if you want to deposit money, you can pursue it at your local UK post office. 


Hello Fresh - Fresh Food & Meat Kit Delivery

You might hear about British food or try it as well. There are a lot of restaurants, cafes, and pubs all across the country. Aren’t you excited to bring UK food home? Whether you are signing up for a recipe box or searching for a local grocery store, Hello Fresh is the app for you.

Hello Fresh provides you with creative, delicious, and spicy meals at your doorstep. Enrol in weekly deliveries to offer your family some delicious, home-cooked meals. They surround all parts of the country except some rural areas.


Teladoc Health - Virtua Care and Telehealth Services

Connect board-certified doctors 24/7 with the ease of phone calls and video visits through Teladoc. The app gives a perfect connection between patients and doctors who are ready to listen and resolve their issues.

Doctors can also rapidly prescribe medication and connect you with your preferred pharmacy if it's medically essential. Teladoc combines Apple HealthKit to improve user experience. This consistent integration authorizes providers to configure a better diagnosis and import the most recent details of the patient. With 227,000 ratings and 4.8 stars, Patients love the benefits and overall ease of use of Teladoc.



In every aspect of life, smartphones play an essential role. The backbone of smartphones are apps which impact our lives to a great extent. From hotel booking to ordering meals, and getting a medical assistant. Moreover, now you can save your precious time doing your important work despite spending hours in malls and markets.  MS applications allow you to work on your phone to make documents and presentations in a matter of minutes. The role of social networking apps is phenomenal as well. Apart from the positive side of mobile applications, there are some negative aspects as well. We need to use them carefully and wisely rather than fully depend on them.

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