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Citymapper App - The Ultimate Transport App for Travellers

Citymapper App - The Ultimate Transport App for Travellers

What is the problem?

More than half of the world’s population is living in urban areas — increasingly in highly dense cities. However, urban settings are a relatively new phenomenon in human history. This transition has transformed the way we live, work, travel and build networks in the large congested and complicated cities. Billions of humans move around cities on daily bases. Complicated, congested, environmentally unsound, and economically stretched cities are the challenges for humans while moving around the cities.

How do overcome it?

Using smart technology! Yes, with the passage of time as technology is improving engineers are working to build smart devices and apps that can help humans in every field of life like the Citymapper app. The company has spent a decade building some of the greatest technology in urban mobility that addresses these challenges while moving around congested and complicated cities. Proven and showcased popular and awarded consumer products, loved and used by millions. Available in all the world's major cities, with the highest quality mobility data. Their technology is licensed to businesses and mobility operators to run smarter multimodal cities.

What is Citymapper app?

Citymapper app is a very awesome mobile app that provides technology to power smarter cities, making cities less congested, more sustainable, and more comfortable for humans around the globe.

Citymapper App Everywhere

Citymapper app is live in many cities all across the world and is serving millions of travellers in their daily routines.

With the majority of the US and Europe covered, the Citymapper app is fast expanding to cover all metro areas around the globe.

Citymapper PASS

What if an app and a card give you access to everything?

Citymapper Pass is a subscription to all mobility, with a beautiful smart travel card, integrated with an everyday multimodal mobility app.

A complete mobility experience

Cities are complicated. Citymapper app's mission has been to simplify them by solving many hard problems in urban mobility: multimodal routing to help with directions, a data factory that fixes open data so users can get accurate information, and a myriad of product features that solve everyday use cases. Now including ticketing and payment integration so that users can get with the complete experience.

Transit ticketing is complicated

Buying tickets for public transit is full of anxiety. Every city has different schemes and complex options. Paper tickets, barcodes, top-ups and other cumbersome technologies are not consumer-friendly. Ticketing machines are stressful. Queues for human vendors are inefficient. Pricing is complex. Even people that live in a city aren’t sure how things work or how much they cost.

Citymapper App believes the ease of ticketing is essential for public transport to compete with private players, and this is important for the future of congested and complex cities.

Specially programmed contactless cards for transport

Everyone has 2 things with them at all times: a smartphone, and a wallet. Transit systems need to accommodate them to be accessible and grow. The advent of contactless payments in the UK and TfL’s adoption of contactless technology in London get the credit here for developing the seamless experience. But it is only the first step.

Figuring out everything the Citymapper app can do on top of payment technology is what has gotten us excited, and provided an opportunity to design and build a card specifically for transport. Any bank card is sufficient for occasional use. But developments of a more complete and tailored experience for regular commuters: all transport integrated in one place, personalised, with a comprehensive app they use every day.

What makes this exciting is that contactless technology is proliferating across users and cities around the world. Consumers are going cashless. Transit agencies everywhere are following the lead of London to implement similar systems. Contactless technology is a bit like open data, it’s available to everyone. And we’d encourage incentives to the ecosystem so that anyone can participate in promoting public transport and keeping it competitive with private industry.

An opportunity for private transport modes

Another trend that is accelerating is the number of private players entering urban mobility, from scooters to cycles to mopeds to shared cars. New partners are being added every week to the Citymapper app and accommodating everything so that users can have the best and most comprehensive choices. This is great for cities and users, introducing more ways to move around. But with that has also come more complexity and confusion.

Citymapper app believes they can help both users and partners here. They’ve added functionality like routing to help users discover partners for specific journeys where they are best suited. And now it can make it easier to pay for them by adding them to subscriptions. Even better Citymapper app can suggest the best partners and offers to users based on their geography and needs.

Mobility as a Subscription

Users want to get from A to B. They care mostly about time and price and don’t necessarily always care how. The idea behind a subscription is that it bundles everything for the user and reduces the hassle to make it easier for people to navigate without worrying about details on every trip.

This vision has been talked about for decades. The real challenge has been to develop something that works and scales, with a UX that users love, a model that keeps all participants in the system happy. Citymapper App has already developed a solution, complemented by a lot of technology in the app and an active user base.

Citymapper Pass - One Pass for Many Transport Modes

Rather than starting in a simple small town, the company launched in one of the biggest, most complicated public transport cities in the world? London!

Citymapper app Pass on day 1 will cover public transport, cycles (Santander’s docked scheme) and cabs. Over time other modes and partners will be added such as additional cycle and cab services, car sharing, scooters and well.. whatever else gets invented next.

Pass is integrated with smartphone wallets, so users can decide to use them as virtual cards as well.

The future is personalised and global

This is just the start. The Citymapper app has a plan to build a lot of functionality and capability in the app in future.

The vision is to personalise offers to specific users based on their needs, preferences and commutes.

The company believes Pass should work globally so that users do not ever have to worry about how to use a foreign public transport system, they can just check a route and go just on a Tap.  As the app is expanding its offering to other cities, the company is designing toward a future where the subscription works everywhere it can. Imagine that.

Citymapper App Features:

The App

Citymapper app is a proven, popular and awarded user interface used by 50m+ users.

Data Factory

The company is using a unique approach to generating the most accurate mobility information that works globally.

Routing Algorithm

Designed for humans in real-time, multimodal cities, improved by billions of real-world searches and choices.


Pioneered the future of mobility ticketing with an innovative contactless + native booking-based solution for all public and private mobility.


Data-driven tools for optimising transport network design and operations.


Technology to run intelligent transport systems, integrated with apps, proven in London.

Get the app on and start moving with ease and comfort. Citymapper app is available on both play and apple stores.

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