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10 Best Smartwatches for Kids

10 Best Smartwatches for Kids

Many smartwatches for kids are available in the market with features like calling, texting, GPS, and more, but there’s quite a lot of variation between watches, based on different needs. Smartwatches allow you to keep in touch and monitor your kid's activities without being too invasive. With their GPS functionalities and wearability, they're a much more reliable way to track your kid's whereabouts and activities. Some smartwatches for kids come with calling and without as well. You can decide based on your desire while buying one.

Here we have created a list of the best smartwatches for kids:

No Item Price
1 LITEYPP Kids Smartwatch Check Price
2 XPLORA X5 PLAY Check Price
3 Vannico Kids Smartwatch Check Price
4 Moweallarge Kids Smartwatch Check Price
5 AOYMJRS Kids Smartwatch Check Price
6 PROGRACE Kids Smartwatch Check Price
7 LiveGo 4G Liftable Kids Smartwatch Check Price
8 imoo Watch Phone Z1 4G Kids Smartwatch Check Price
9 Xplora XGO2 Kids Smartwatch Check Price
10 Forever Look Me Kw-500 Kids Smartwatch Check Price


1. LITEYPP Kids Smartwatch

LITEYPP smartwatch for kids includes many useful and funny functions: 16 Games, taking pictures, videos, music players, step counter, alarm, calculator, calendar, flashlight, five languages, 12/24H format, wallpaper, etc. No need to download the APP, very easy to operate for kids, and it is the best gift for 3-12-year-old boys and girls for birthdays or holidays.

The kids' smartwatch supports taking pictures and video recording. Children can take selfies with family or friends to record wonderful moments, At the same time, kids can record videos with this kids' smartwatch, and tap the screen to watch videos and pictures, and the high-definition screen can provide a better user experience.

Smartwatch has 16 educational games, it helps kids learn through entertainment and can effectively exercise children's reaction ability, logical thinking, and hand-eye coordination so that children can grow up in the process of playing games. The 1.54-inch HD large-screen display protects your kid's eyes from harm.

Smartwatch for kids has a music player function. You can download any music you like and store it on the SD card of the smartwatch: connect the smartwatch to the computer with a USB cable, and download the mp3 format files to the "My Music" folder. Music can relax the mind, and cultivate children's love for music.

This smartwatch for kids built-in pedometer, a stopwatch, and a timer. A pedometer can automatically record your child's daily steps and calories burned, and help you clearly understand your child's exercise. And inspire children's interest in sports and Let your child develop positive healthy habits from an early age.

LITEYPP smartwatch for kids comes with,

1. Alloy Metal Watch Face

The dial of our kids' watch is made of alloy material, which makes it not only more durable and sturdy but also extends the service life.

2. Comfortable and Safe Band

The band is made of soft, comfortable, and safe material. Let the child wear the smartwatch more comfortably.

3. 1.54in HD Full Touch Screen

It's easier and quicker to view time and date or play games. The HD large-screen display protects your kid's eyes from harm.

Screen size 1.54 Inches
Age range (description) Kid
Connectivity technology USB
Supported application Calendar, Alarm, Camera, Pedometer, Music Player
Human interface input Touchscreen
Wireless carrier Du, Go Mobile
Battery cell composition Lithium Polymer


2. XPLORA X5 PLAY - Watch Phone for Children (SIM Free) 4G

Xplora X5 Play is the perfect introduction to a world of mobile products for kids while allowing parents to have full control and visibility. All functionality and settings are controlled by the app. Xplora X5 Play is a premium quality mobile watch that can be used by children from 4 to 11 years old. Xplora is a leading pioneer in offering innovative devices and services to families.

Xplora X5 Play smartwatch for kid's highlights,

Voice Calls - Xplora X5 can make and receive calls from pre-saved numbers

Messages - The device can receive texts, emojis, images, and voice messages and reply with images, emojis, and voice messages

SOS - In an emergency, the SOS button can be pressed by the child to notify emergency contacts of their location

GPS & Safety Zones - Xplora X5 uses multiple services to show the device's location. An option is available to set Safety Zones around key locations such as home and school

WiFi & Network Compatibility - The Xplora X5 can be connected to WiFi to lower costs. This product is compatible with most networks such as O2, Vodafone, and EE.

Take a photo and share it with family, record voice messages, and use emojis in a fun way on your Xplora X5 Play. The multiple functionalities make Xplora a perfect smartwatch for kids as an entry-level product for the mobile world.

This is the mobile phone watch for kids that you’ve been waiting for. It provides all the features with your child will need, such as voice calls, location, safe zones, and SOS.

The Xplora X5 Play has the POGO charging method meaning the Xplora X5 Play has contactless magnetic charging.

Special feature Text Messaging, Pedometer, Camera, GPS, Phone Call
Compatible devices Smartphone
Screen size 45 Millimetres
Age range (description) For children
Style Modern
Connectivity technology Cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS
Supported application Messages, Contacts, Phone, Camera, GPS, Pedometer
Band colour Black


3. Vannico Kids Smartwatch

This smartwatch for kids can bring happiness to children. Children can also learn time knowledge through the children's smartwatch. Many applications are convenient for life.  This smartwatch for kids is very easy for children to operate, We believe that this children's smartwatch will bring children a healthy and happy childhood. Great choice as a gift for kids.

This smartwatch for kids is not only an electronic learning toy for toddlers but also a smart life assistant. It integrates many useful functions, such as a calculator, alarm clock, video, stopwatch, calendar, and so on.

Up to 72 hours of battery life, a Children's smartwatch has a high-definition touch screen (480*480px), Unlike smartphones, this screen will not harm children's eyes games, video, MP3 music player, high-definition camera, stopwatch, calculator, calendar, voice recorder, alarm clock, timer, photo album wallpaper, etc. soft and comfortable detachable strap.

Smartwatch for kids can not only take photos but also record videos. Equipped with a 10 million pixel camera, clear and smooth. and children can use it to take high-definition photos, record funny videos with family and friends, and record every happy moment of growth.

This Kids Game Smartwatch is built into 16 funny puzzle games, Children can play games through the touch screen, which not only brings fun to the children but also effectively exercises kids’ ability to respond, logical thinking, and hand-eye coordination. stimulate children's curiosity. Smartwatches are ideal gifts for boys and girls

You can use the included USB cable to connect the watch to the computer and download the music that the kids like. (Note: Save the mp3 file on the Micro SD card: My Music folder).

Wrist Watch for children does not need to download an APP or connect to a mobile. So that children enjoy entertainment and learning anytime.

Brand Vannico
Special feature Video Recorder, MP3 Music Player, HD Camera, 16 Games, Video Player
Compatible devices NO APP
Screen size 1.5 Inches
Operating system Android
Age range (description) 3-12 year kids
Style Modern
Connectivity technology USB
Shape Rectangular


4. Moweallarge Kids Smartwatch

Moweallarge Smartwatch for kids can support two-way calling, and connect and communicate with children anytime, anywhere. Kids can press the power key twice to activate the SOS call. The kids' watch only supports 2g GSM. For UK customers, we recommend you use giffgaff as a watch SIM card. The watch can be used without a sim card.

This kid smartwatch has built-in 7 learning games, Children can play and choose games by touching the Screen. That will effectively exercise their ability to respond, logical thinking ability, and hand-eye coordination, This will be a great gift for your child's playmates and birthday gift choices.

build-in Mp3 Player.(1GB Micro SD Card is free included. Support up to 32GB extender). Test music is pre-download one it, if you need to download more, please download “*.MP3” format music via your PC. And put this music in Micro SD - “My Music” files. If you have formatted the 1GB SD card, please create the “My Music” files on the SD card, otherwise, the watch can not recognize the music you downloaded.

There are many functions on a kid's smartwatch: Quick dial, Phone book, Watch alarm clock, Camera, Music Player, Calculator, Record, Low-power, Alarm, Game, 24 hrs/12 hrs, and Photo album. What's more, You can change the languages as you need, such as English(default), Français, Español, German, and Italiano. This will be a great gift for your child.

No need to download any APP, this type of watch can not sync with the cellphone. If you want to use the call function, just buy a GSM network 2G SIM card and open a voice plan


Display: 1.54″TFT High Definition LCD

Watch size: 50mm*41mm*12mm

Total watch length: 230mm

Strap width: 20mm

Battery capacity: 500 MAH

Material: plastic and silicone

Rechargeable Type: USB cable

SIM Card: Micro sim (12mm×15mm)

Languages: English(default), German, Français, Español,

Brand Moweallarge
Special feature Alarm Clock, Camera, Phone Call, Music Player
Compatible devices PC
Screen size 1.54 Inches
Operating system Android
Age range (description) Kid
Style Modern
Connectivity technology Cellular, Wi-Fi, USB
Supported application Phone, Alarm, Camera, Music Player


5. AOYMJRS Kids Smartwatch

AOYMJRS is positioned as a high-end brand in the field of smartwatches for kids. They are committed to designing a creative and useful kid's smartwatch and always produce high-quality products.

Very easy to operate kid's watch: No need to download apps, no need to connect your phone, all functions are built into the watch, very easy for kids to operate. This is a great gift for kids ages 3-12.

The kid smartwatch is a specially designed gift for children aged 4-12. The kids' watch comes with everything you need in a smartwatch. 24 Games, taking pictures, videos, music players, step counter, alarm, calculator, calendar, 12/24 hours, torch, even switch the watch interface. It can bring convenience and fun to children's lives. Perfect gift for your children. I think your kiddos will love them!!

kids smartwatch Built-in 24 popular games in it, this kids' game watch is built for boys and girls of 4-12 years old. With a 1.45-inch HD touch screen, children can select the game for their preference, training their logical ability and response capability. The kid smartwatch is the most wanted gift for boys and girls.

The kids' smartwatch supports taking pictures and video recording. kids smartwatches equipped with an HD camera, It allows children to take pictures of scenery or daily selfies when traveling, helping them to leave the good times in life. Your child can watch the video and picture through the touch screen, while a variety of cute photo stickers are built-in that will make the photos look more cute and unique.

The kids' smartwatch has a built-in 1GB SD card, which supports saving high-quality songs in MP3 format and can be connected to the computer via USB to transfer kids favorite music or audio stories so that kids can receive diversified musical enlightenment from an early age, and develop the child's sense of music. (Note: The music should be copied to My Music file before playing.)

The kids' smartwatches are designed with a 1.54 IPS screen touch screen, so it is easy to operate. Don't need app downloading or extra settings, automatically record your child's daily steps and calories burned to help you clearly understand your child's exercise. And inspire children's interest in sports and make their bodies healthier.

Compatible devices Smartphone
Screen size 1.54 Inches
Age range (description) Kid
Connectivity technology USB
Supported application Calendar, Alarm, Camera, Pedometer
Band colour Blue
Human interface input Touchscreen
Wireless carrier 3


6. PROGRACE Kids Smartwatch

Prograce smartwatch for kids is designed with a 1.54" IPS touch screen, audio music player, FM radio, stopwatch, rotatable camera, built-in games, pedometer, calories, flashlight, and support external earphones; It is a great birthday/holiday gift for boys and girls.

90° rotatable camera allows your kids to take pictures and selfies with one camera, adjust the angle, and smartwatch for kids to easily take photos.

Built-in 4 funny mini-games in this smartwatch, children can play through the touch screen and select the game for their preference, training them in coordination and thinking in leisure time.

Smartwatches for kids can play music on the memory card by selecting Audio Play, a 6-level volume to choose from. children's watches can even plug in earphones and listen to FM radio too.

After inserting an earphone, this FM watch can receive lots of interesting shows and music, news, broadening their knowledge in different areas;

The built-in camera inside this watch enables kids to take photos/selfies at any time, capturing the precious moments in their childhood. 5 selected puzzle games can help kids fully relax in their leisure time, developing their brains and hands-on abilities.

This watch does have a pedometer, helping kids to establish a concept of a healthy life by recording the daily steps they have walked.

Hopefully, the kids will learn to arrange their time, listen to music/news/shows, take pictures, play games, and manage their health with PROGRACE kids' watch.

Special feature Music player; Photo / Video Camera; Pedometer; Games; Flashlights; Stopwatch; FM Radio
Screen size 1.5 Inches
Operating system Android
Age range (description) Kid
Style Music player; Photo / Video Camera; Pedometer; Games; Flashlights; Stopwatch; FM Radio
Connectivity technology Bluetooth, USB
Shape Square
Supported application Email, Camera, Pedometer, Music Player


7. LiveGo 4G Liftable Waterproof Safe Smartwatch

LiveGo 4G Liftable Waterproof Safe Smartwatch for kids comes with more special watch functions for kids girls boys students

1. Unique Liftable Dail and Front & Rear Cameras 2. Powerful 4G Network Supported 3. Changeable Dial and Desktop Style and Wallpaper 4. Multi-language 5. Find Device 6. Night Power Saving 7. Reject Strange Call

This kids' smartwatch is designed with a unique 360 ° rotatable dial, and it will be the coolest smartwatch for kids with front and rear cameras. This kid's watch adopts a smooth 4G network for kids to make and receive calls, texts, etc. Parents can check their kids' status at any time by App tracking(message, video call, GPS).

The smartwatch for kids is built-in 3 types of two-way communication: 1. Phone call 2. Video call 3. Group chat. Parents can preset 3 phone numbers on the App's phone book to realize the SOS function by pressing the power button of the kid's smartwatch for 3 seconds. To confirm GPS location on the APP, when your girls or boys are in danger, you can immediately help them. This is not only an interesting kid's GPS watch but also protection for kids

These kids' watches with GPS trackers adopt a full touch screen, which makes it easier for you to operate this kid smartwatch, you can check the signal, and rest battery power and time by swiping down the screen. The quality HD clear screen and adjustable brightness ensure minimize the damage to kids' eyes. This kids' safe smartwatch comes with its app store, you can download more watch apps by connecting the 4g smartwatch for kids with your Wifi network

 If you don't want to insert a SIM card or connect with the App. This kids' tracker watch can still support some functions like a magic camera, torch, gallery, Bluetooth, stopwatch, math game, etc. But we still recommend connecting the app and equip with a sim card to unlock more functions like calls, video calls, messages, SOS, phone book, alarm clock, do not disturb, pedometer, and calendar for getting a better experience. It is waterproof and multi-language perfect for kid girl-boy students.

Brand LiveGo
Operating system IOS, Android
Age range (description) Kid
Style Modern
Connectivity technology Cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
Supported application Photo Gallery, Phone, Alarm, Camera, GPS, Pedometer
Wireless communication standard Bluetooth


8. imoo Watch Phone Z1 4G Kids Smartwatch

Long-lasting HD Video & Phone Call & Family Chat-Stay Connected with Your Kids: imoo smartwatch for kids enables parents and kids to enjoy face-to-face conversations at any time. With 2MP wide-angle camera parents not only can see their kids but also clearly know the circumstance. imoo kids' smartwatch keeps family members being connected by sending messages to each other.

Real-time Locating-Guard Security for Needed One: With the kids' GPS smartwatch, you can find your child easily, just open the imoo APP on your phone, and find the navigation function which enables you to know your child's location in real-time. When your child wears the Imoo Watch Phone Z1, you can also monitor your child’s movement status through the Imoo app.

IPX8 Waterproof & Longer Battery Life imoo SmartWatch: With qualified water-resistant material, the imoo smartphone watch enables kids to enjoy the fun of playing in the water. Equipped with state-of-the-art silicon anode battery technology, imoo Watch Phone Z1 has longer battery life under the same battery weight & volume category.

Class Mode & Stranger Rejection-Exclude Disturbance for Kids: Parents can set class mode and stranger rejection for imoo smartwatch for kids. Children can concentrate on studying at school without unexpected disturbances and danger. With alarm clock functions, kids can better arrange their time.

More Functions & More Pleasure: Use the imoo APP Permanently for Free, you can bind imoo Watch Phone Z1 to smartphones of family members, and everyone can stay in touch by Family Chat, Voice Call, or Video Call. Put two imoo kids' smartwatches together, kids can add friends easily.

Idea Gift for Kids: This imoo Watch Phone Z1 is not only the best Christmas gift for kids but also the perfect birthday present for your children. This smartwatch for kids is suitable for standard Nano-SIM cards only. Compatible operators: Vodafone, O2, Three, EE. If any problems using a SIM card from an MVON, please go to your imoo App-More-Watch Settings-Access Point Name (APN). If there are any other questions, please contact us via imoo APP.

Brand Imoo
Special feature Video Call, Alarm Clock, GPS, Camera, Phone Call
Compatible devices Smartphone
Operating system Android
Age range (description) Kid
Style Z1
Connectivity technology Cellular
Shape Rectangular
Band material type PVC


9. Xplora XGO2 Kids Smartwatch

The Xplora XGO2 Smartwatch for kids raises the bar for a more affordable—yet feature-rich—smartwatch with mobile phone and GPS tracking. It has all of the high-quality components you would expect from a top-of-the-range Xplora device, at a fraction of the price. 

Our XGO2 features; IP67 to protect against dust and water and 4G, 3G, and 2G connectivity to ensure reliable connectivity. With in-built G Sensors, our XGO2 watch accurately tracks kids' steps which earn them Xplora Coins to be used in our groundbreaking and award-winning Xplora Goplay Platform. Completely GDPR compliant you’ve assured a safe onboarding for your kids to our digital world.


The XGO2 uses multiple services to view the location of the smartwatch. There is the option to set up security zones in key locations such as homes and schools. In an emergency, the child can press the SOS button to inform the saved emergency contacts about their location.


The XGO2 Smartwatch can make and receive calls to pre-approved contacts. In addition, your child can receive text messages, voice messages, and emojis, and respond equally.


Take pictures with the watch! The 0.3MP front-facing camera on the XGO2 gives your child the ability to take pictures. They can share the pictures with you throughout their day, keeping you up to date on what they are doing. Store pictures in the gallery and set custom backgrounds.


Never before have kids been less active than today, and we would like to change that. Children should stay active, investigate, and explore the world, which is why we are launching the world’s first activity platform combining physical activity with entertainment for kids.


10. Forever Look Me Kw-500 Waterproof Smartwatch for Kids

Keep tracking of your child's location and activities with the fantastic Forever Look Me KW-500 smartwatch for kids. With this lovely smartwatch, your kid will be able to make or receive regular or video calls, SMS, and chat, so you'll always be in contact with him. You can determine the safety zone for your kid with an alarm on your smartphone as soon as he leaves it, or you can keep a remote camera and voice monitoring to get awareness of your kid's surroundings. The smartwatch is equipped with three different locating systems - LBS, GPS, and WiFi, which ensure high precision so you'll know at any moment where your kid is.


  • Nano SIM card support and phonebook for contacts storing
  • The perfect way to monitor kid's location and activities
  • Making and receiving phone/video calls and SMS notification
  • Alerts when your child leaves a determined security zone
  • Forever Look Me KW-500 has an IP67 water resistance rating
  • With SOS button your kid can use in case of emergency
  • Alarm, pedometer, sleep monitoring, photo gallery, math games
  • Forever Look Me KW-500 works with most Android and iOS devices


  • Display: 1.44", touchscreen
  • Screen resolution: 240 x 240
  • Bluetooth: v4.2
  • WiFi: 802.11b/g/nSIM card slot: nanoSIM
  • Battery capacity: 700mAh
  • Standby time: up to 3 days
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Connectivity: 2G/3G/4G, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • Supported OS: Android 5.1 and newer, iOS 8.0 and newer
  • Smartwatches for Kids IP67
  • Strap length: 234mm

Smartwatches are really very helpful for parents to keep an eye on their kids all the time. Smartwatches and phone durability can be enhanced with some additional accessories that give extra protection to costly equipment.

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