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5 Types of Phone Cases

5 Types of Phone Cases

Since the invention of smartphones, phone cases have been more reliable and innovative. Nowadays, phone cases are available in different materials, styles, and functionality. Every person has their own choice some prefer smartphone cases with simple, solid, and classic designs while others consider choosing phone cases with bright colours and crazy designs. 

Are you interested in phone cases or exploring online sites for that, which type of smartphone case suits you best? We provide you with a complete guide on different types of phone cases from which you get the point to consider before purchasing a smartphone case.

Factors To Consider 

Buying the latest phone case is great, but you need to go through the guide before purchasing.


When you put the phone case on the phone, the front side of the case has edges extending just past the screen. The reason behind this is that when you accidentally drop your phone with the screen facing downward, the extended edges of the case absorb the impact of the fall rather than the screen itself. 


The main reason behind buying phone cases is to protect your phone from breakage. Where do you need the protection on your phone? Whether it is front or backside? Or you need a case that prevents dents on corners or chips on the sides.


A thicker phone case is suggested for those who never feel secure with sleeker phone cases. These smartphone cases are also for highly active users or part of outdoor sports.


Style is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a phone case. You need to understand which style suits you best or your brand. Are you looking for glossy or shiny styles or want a classy one? You have plenty of options available from which you can choose according to your needs. Moreover, you can also design custom styles for your brand.


Types Of Phone Cases

Smartphones are a key part of our lives, they are more than technological wonders. That is the reason, we decorate and protect them. Read about the best phone cases to get an idea of which phone case suits you best.

Hard Phone Case

hard phone cases

Hard phone cases are made up of shell-like cases moulded from plastic or plastic-based material. Whether it’s an Apple or android phone, every phone is moulded to fit a specific phone model. Hard phone cases are thin and lightweight and they can’t put any weight on your phone.

Hard phone cases come in matte and gloss finishes, having clear, transparent, and multiple colours. Most companies provide customized hard phone cases with your brand or organization logo. Hard phone cases also protect the phone's back and sides from bumps and scratches.

Hard phone cases have disadvantages as well. They can crack when dropped, and when they do break, the corners frequently snap because this is where there is the most stress. 

Gel/TPU Phone Cases

tpu phone cases

Gel phone cases are built by using thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU). This plastic-based material provides more flexibility than hard phone cases. These cases have strong resistance against oil, water, and other liquids.

Gel phone cases are slim and lightweight, available in various colours, and have a matte and gloss finish as well. These cases are very durable due to their elasticity, and they will not crack or break. They can also withstand bumps and scratches due to their gel-like material.

Silicon Phone Cases

silicon phone cases

There have been silicone phone cases for a while, from the time when our smartphones became actually smart. Most people know them right from the early smartphone models. Silicon casing is slightly sticky to the touch but they are smooth and soft. Their capacity to adhere to almost any surface without slipping or vibrating makes it a good choice for everyone.

Modern silicon cases are made up of “liquid silicon”, typically different from old silicon. Liquid silicon is more solid and it is similar to gel phone cases in its flexibility. They provide protection to phones from the back and sides and resist dust and fingerprints as well. Due to their feel and finish, they are very popular phone cases.

Tough Phone Cases

tough phone cases

Generally, they are harder than regular or gel phone cases. These cases can have a variety of internal styles, and the word "tough" is arbitrary which depends on how durable you want your phone cover to be. Determine where and how you will use your phone. Most people work in outdoor environments like the construction industry. So tough phone cases provide extra protection.

The majority of them come with extra features like a strengthened casing, some level of IP water protection, and the ability to endure a 15-foot drop. Because they are solid and hard, that’s why they are heavier in weight than other phone cases. Anyhow, hard phone cases are still popular as their sales are growing over time.

Wallet Phone Cases

wallet phone cases

Wallet phone cases are stylish and practical, they are suitable for people who love a minimalist lifestyle and are constantly on the go. Wallet phone cases are made up of either faux leather or pure leather with the phone slides into a part of the phone case made of a polycarbonate insert.

These phone cases are extremely protective due to their internal and external hard casing. Another advantage of wallet phone cases is that without fear of damaging your phone, you can put them back in your purse. Many women also find them as a replacement for clutch handbags.


When you want to find a new phone case, it can be tough to know where to start. There are so many options out there, and it can be hard to narrow down your search. Explore our phone cases collection and find the best case for you.

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